"Love Afro Cosmetics has been created by a group of individuals working within the hair & beauty industry, and they are very... very passionate about what they do...."


We have run several Afro cosmetic stores throughout Europe and have been well established for over 30 years now! Some of you may have even visited our hair extensions, hair products & cosmetic warehouses - our most popular wholesale store being located in London W3. All of the information on this site is updated regularly so you can be sure that what you are reading is correct. We hope that you find our website useful and interesting! If you have any questions, please remember that we are more than happy to assist you with any queries which you may have! 

Store & Salon owners will be glad to know that here at Love Afro Cosmetics, we also offer all of our products on wholesale. To qualify for wholesale discounts, please email us by clicking the image above this text and email us your request. We can deliver Worldwide and have been one of the UK's leading wholesalers in Afro Hair & Beauty products for over 30 years now and we will be more than happy to assist you with setting up an trade account with us. To qualify for wholesale prices, you simply need to place an order for £500 minimum spend. Please email us if you are interested.

As we have so many warehouses, we can offer our online customers their hair care products and hair extensions at very good, reasonable prices - especially during the downturn (credit crunch) that the UK is currently facing. When viewing our products on-line, you will notice that our prices are MUCH, MUCH lower than most of the other on-line afro shops out there at the moment!