African Pride Shea Butter Miracle

When it comes to Afro-hair care, African Pride is one of the most reliable names you can turn to. The hair product manufacturer has now introduced a whole new range of Shea Butter products consisting of seven different pieces made especially for people with curly hair.

The high quality miracle products help keep your curls tangle-free and completely moisturized. Tame those wild curls in no time with regular use of African Pride Shea Butter Miracle products range.

Deemed nature’s superior detangling moisturizer, Shea Butter helps eliminate the dryness of hair hair while enhancing body, shine and bounce. Instantly detangle your frizzy curls and moisturize intensely for complete nourishment to give your hair that healthy glow.

These complete nourishing systems have been specifically formulated for people of color; giving your hair smooth coils, waves or curls. Nourish from root to tip with regular use and feel the difference. African Pride Shea Butter Miracle products de-frizz your hair for smooth manageability instantly and help them grow while cleaning and nourishing the scalp. Suitable for regular use and equipped for super manageability, Shea Butter Miracle products from African Pride have it all.

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African Pride Shea Butter Miracle