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A sober approach to hair care – ApHogee is your premium hair care product provider. Strong, beautiful and healthy hair needs structural nourishment and integrity along with the perfect blend of elasticity, smoothness, and shine. We have gone leaps and bounds to find the accurate types of proteins and amino acids and the ratios they are required in to create a divine line of products. The emollients and humectants present in the hair care systems help restore the health of all kinds of hair textures to create amazing withstanding strength against heavy styling and other regimens.

Superior results require intensive care that can cater to even damaged, permed or color treated hair by gently cleansing them, restoring their natural luster and strengthening them from roots to tips. The pH normalizing systems can promote truly healthy and beautiful hair with regular usage.

The state-of-the-art nourishment systems like the Protein Treatment that help stop hair breakage and damage almost instantly. If your hair is severely damaged or neglected and needs a moisturizing product that restores their health and luster, ApHogee is a great solution with a wide variety of brilliant products to choose from. Shine on with ApHogee hair care products now available at Love Afro Cosmetics.

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