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Natural is where it’s at!

Aunt Jackie’s™ infuses every formula with natural oils, butters, moisturizers and conditioners from good ole’ mother earth. These essential and carrier ingredient blends provide remarkable nourishment that help keep hair looking and feeling great. We create customized product regimens for each hair type. The best way to enjoy Aunt Jackie’s™ therapies is to create your healthy hair care regimen based on your hair texture. Whether you have curly/bushy, wavy or kinky/coily hair, Aunt Jackie’s™ has created a special blend of products designed to nourish, tame and beautify your textures.

We believe that better products result in better hair. All Aunt Jackie’s™are Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free, and contain No Mineral Oil or Petrolatum. Only Eco-Friendly preservatives are used to ensure high quality, sustainable products with long shelf life.

It takes a village to grow healthy beautiful hair. Aunt Jackie’s™ embraces the importance of practicing the principles of consistency and patience when it comes to growing and taking care of healthy hair. That’s why we created the Curl Clique, a free hair care community where like-minded women can ask questions, share hairstyles, progress pictures and generally support each other on their individual healthy hair care journey.

Constant improvement. We never stop trying to out-do our previous “best efforts.” We will continue to improve our recipes, process and products No matter what, we will always create better products for better hair care.

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