Black & White

Black & White wax is the indisputably versatile iconic hair wax for both men and women that is suitable for all kinds of hair and allows you to sculpt your hair into textures that last all day.

The world famous Black & White shampoos and waxes have styled generations and decades of beautiful hair. Anything from Afros to quiffs, bobs and beehives, these amazing styling products have been helping stylists and icons create their own personalized look for ages.

Introduced to the UK in the late 50’s, it did not take long to become the cult product by the 60’s and the Punk and Glam Rock era’s variety of hairstyles have been supported by Black & White like no other. Since then, the company has evolved to launch many new products that help create perfect hairstyles that last throughout the day. Apart from the amazing styling benefits, the lightly scented waxes with natural oils provide deep moisturizing and nourishment.

Deep nourishment, intense moisture and a style that lasts, that’s exactly what Black & White hair products embody. Fly-away hair is no longer a problem for the ladies and men can stay sleek and stylish with a clean look. Shop at Love Afro Cosmetics, for great hair care treatments and styling products from all over the world.

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Black & White
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