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7 beauty benefits of coconut oil

Coconuts grow in frost-free tropical environments, like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Philippines among others. These countries have relied on coconuts for many generations for both food, health, and beauty purposes. Coconut oil has recently grown in popularity in other parts of the world, with more and more people realising the amazing benefits of this super food.

At Love Afro Cosmetics we stock pure enriched coconut hair oil which penetrates each follicle to keep your hair and scalp healthy. But did you know that your jar of coconut oil in the cupboard is not just great for cooking with? It’s also your perfect companion in the bathroom! Here are just a few of the beautiful benefits of coconut oil…

  1. Moisturiser: Coconut oil has fantastic moisturising and skin-healing abilities. Use it in place of your regular lotion, but remember that a little goes a long way. It can feel quite greasy when you first apply it to the skin, but once it has soaked in properly you’ll feel beautifully soft, plus the oil will penetrate your skin’s layers and heal it from deep down. Some people even use it as a natural eczema remedy thanks to its healing and emollient properties.
  2. Conditioner: Afro hair is notoriously thick and unruly, but coconut oil can be used to tame it. Apply the oil directly to your scalp to deep condition the roots and nourish the skin. Or you can just apply it to the tips of your hair as these tend to be the driest parts because the natural oils can’t reach them. Use the oil in its liquid form (it is solid at room temperature) and use a little at a time because it goes a long way.
  3. Lip balm: Our lips are exposed to the elements at all times, both the cold winds in winter, and the warm sun in summer. There’s no way that we can cover up our lips the same way that we can wear a hat to cover our head or scarf to protect our neck, so it comes down to the products we use on our lips. Coconut oil has a natural SPF of around 4 to 6, and has great moisturising and healing abilities so it makes a great lip balm, try melting it down with a little beeswax to make it easier to apply and give it better staying power.
  4. Body scrub: Coconut oil itself won’t slough away your dead skin, but it makes a great base for homemade body or face scrubs. Try melting the oil down and stirring in some sugar, as coarse or as fine as you like, let it cool and use it to buff away dead skin cells. You could also try mixing coconut oil with Himalayan salt too as the salt has its own fantastic natural healing abilities.
  5. Makeup remover: If you find that store-bought makeup removers a bit too harsh for your skin then try using coconut oil instead. Scoop some solid oil into your fingertips and it will melt with your body heat; rub it over your makeup in a circular motion then rinse off with water. Your face will be left free of makeup and feeling soft and smooth.
  6. Massage oil: Massage helps to relieve muscular pain, improve circulation, reduce tension, and improve lymphatic drainage, and it’s much easier to do if you have a good massage oil. Coconut oil has a lovely tropical fragrance on its own, or it can be combined with essential oils for fragrance and other benefits, plus it will leave your skin soft and moisturised.
  7. Shaving oil: There’s nothing worse than being in the shower with your leg lathered up with shaving foam, only for it to melt away when the water hits it! Coconut oil makes a great replacement for your usual shaving foam because water just rolls right off it. Apply it to the areas you want to shave and it will provide a smooth surface for your razor to glide over, as well as leaving your skin moisturised and soft at the same time.
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