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Black and Beautiful [Infographic]

Statistics show that the needs of black women aren’t represented well enough in the hair and beauty industry. Some major retailers such as Super Drug and John Lewis do indeed stock some beauty products for women of different ethnicities. However, ethnic products still represent less than five per cent of the entire market.

This is utterly ridiculous. And this infographic will show you why. Today, the UK is made up of a diverse community of people from lots of different ethnic backgrounds. And their spending power is pretty huge. So, mainstream retailers are really missing out by not providing for all different kinds of beautiful women who care about their beauty regime.

Take a look at this infographic to find out why:

Afro Hair Infographic

So it seems that many Afro-Caribbean and other minority ethnic women are having to seek out alternatives such as using specialist shops or buying their hair products online. Here at Love Afro Cosmetics we have a wide range of hair products for afro hair if you’re on the lookout for the best brands and products to suit your beauty needs.

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