Bulk Human Hair (loose)

100% Natural Human Hair for Bulk Sale

Adding permanent or semi-permanent hair extensions to your own hair shows ideal results when you use natural hair. To ensure an optimal outcome, where your tresses look naturally and uniformly thick and luscious, use human hair in bulk, instead of wefts or weaves. A simple trip to the salon will solve that for you.

Product attributes:
Our natural human hair is available in a wide variety of lengths and colors, but keep in mind the following:
  • once attached, human hair extensions can be cut, trimmed or styled just like your natural hair
  • human hair can be dyed normally, but you should still opt for one close to your natural color, the color you  normall dye it, or close to the color you'd like to use next.
Bulk hair can be purchased in a variety of hair types, from straight to naturally curly. For a seamless match, try opting for a type that's closest to yours.

If you're looking for a lasting solution to make your hair longer and/or thicker, use bulk human hair. It can be washed, dyed, or styled easily and it will match your own hair's texture, whether it's silky smooth or extra curly.
Bulk Human Hair (loose)