Cover Your Gray

Is it depressing to look in the mirror and see those unsightly gray hairs standing out? Cover Your Gray offers a wide range of easy to use temporary hair colors for men and women. All you need is a quick touch up before you leave your home.

The product range of Cover Your Gray includes a variety of touch up applicators like stick, mascara and comb. You can choose one that suits you well and is convenient to apply. The color blends beautifully, covering all the gray strands instantly. It will not mat or clump on your hair and will wash out easily when you shampoo.

The applicators are handy and can be carried in your purse or pocket. Great for women who want to touch-up their roots in-between hair colorings and for men who wish hide the grays in their mustache, beard and side burns.

Shop for temporary hair color products at Love Afro Cosmetics so that you can go longer without coloring your hair.

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Cover Your Gray