Daggett & Ramsdell Color Stick

Just noticed a few gray hair on your head? All you need is an instant touch-up. Daggett & Ramsdell Color Sticks are convenient and easy to use and will allow you to touch up your hair on the go. Just drop the stick in your handbag and you’re good to go!

The color sticks by Daggett & Ramsdell come in four different shades; black, jet black, medium brown and dark brown. They are handy when travelling and will give you an instant touch-up anywhere. They blend remarkably well with your natural color and will hide away all the grays within seconds. The stick will not clump on your hair and the color will rinse out with your next wash.

If you don’t feel like coloring hair every so often, shop for instant touch up sticks at Love Afro Cosmetics and get rid of your grays on the go.

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Daggett & Ramsdell Color Stick
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