The fresh new therapy – Eden Nail Polish Remover is a great alternative to toxin-filled removers that make your nails crack, weakens them and strips them of and hydrating content. Manufactured in England, Eden nail polish remover has been formulated with ALL NATURAL ingredients that nourish your skin, cuticles and nails to make them healthy.

Match your outfits to different colors of nail paint without worries because Eden nail polish remover will not stain or harm your nails or the surrounding skin with regular usage. Clean and presentable hands are awfully attractive and the fresh natural smell of Eden nail polish remover will make want to smell your hands all day long.

This product has been formulated with plant-based and biodegradable food grade ingredients that give you nails a healthy glow and it is non-toxic so it can be used by children, pregnant women, and anybody who is repulsed by the strong smells of toxic nail polish removers alike.

There are no harmful man made compounds or ingredients in this product and it is also free from all cruelty; meaning Vegan. The Eden nail polish remover is the best product for healthy and beautiful hands with nails TO-DIE-FOR! Shop at Love Afro cosmetics to get your hands on this great new product now.

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