Gentle Treatment is a range of hair care systems by Johnson Products that aims to solve all your hair problems with gentle and effective care. Giving your hair the subtle nourishment it deserves can become challenging with the number of products in the market, but Gentle Treatment products have been specially formulated to counter all hair and scalp problems with effective and intensive care.

The patented formulas are enriched with Aloe Vera Gel and other conditioning extracts that can make your hair gorgeously silky and smooth with volumes of body and lustrous shine. Perfect for any texture or kind of hair, Gentle Treatment products rely on deep nourishing systems that combat all hair and scalp problems with consistent and intensive hair care treatments.

Now you can have hair that suits your style perfectly with the Gently-timed formulas that aid in achieving worry free straight hair. Now you can shop for Gentle Treatment Products at Love Afro Cosmetics and have beautiful hair that stands out.

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