High Beams Temporary SPRAY ON Hair Color

Want to make a bold statement for a single event? Get High Beams Spray on Hair Color and flaunt your vibrant hair. The High Beams Spray allows you to color your hair temporarily and then washes out when you shampoo.

With High beams Spray, you can experiment with a variety of colors. You don’t need to be worried about the colors staying on if you don’t like them. You can simply wash them off. Use the spray for subtle highlights or for bolder streaks, totally depends on your mood and style. So, get your creativity flowing and brighten up your hair with jazzy colors. You can cover the unsightly grays with this spray as well.

Being a glitter spray, it will not spray solid color on your hair. Instead, it will spray glittery shades of multiple colors giving your hair a shimmering look. Shop at Love Afro Cosmetics for exciting wash off hair sprays and style your hair as you like.

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High Beams Temporary SPRAY ON Hair Color
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