Mane n' Tail

The two most basic hair care products i.e. the shampoo and conditioner that was made from our brand’s original formula and introduced to the market, were initially developed to care for horse manes and tails, surprisingly enough.

Now the very same formula, albeit under different packaging is being used to make various hair care products after it was discovered after extensive study that it was the best kept secret and our solution for beautiful hair!

The Mane N’ Tail Cosmetics Brand produces an extensive range of hair, skin and nail care products and solution for those looking to solve specific problems.

The hair care line includes high fortified moisturizers and protein enriched shampoos and conditioners that clean hair, keep it soft as well as nourished, and make hair strong enough to resist any damage. So, what are you waiting for? Discover the secret for beautiful, long and thick hair!

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Mane n' Tail
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