Morgan's Pomade

The world’s most famous pomade – Morgan’s – is the classic solution for grey and ageing hair and has been tried and tested to be highly effective. Morgan’s pomade gradually darkens your grey hair in only 3-4 weeks and without the use of traditional dyes.

With regular use, you can achieve a shade that you find suitable for any short period of time; this can be maintained with less frequent usage. The pomade contains Wheat Germ Oil and is rich in Vitamin E, and is highly suitable for all kinds of hair. The advanced rejuvenating formulas help in shaping, controlling, revitalizing and livening up dry, brittle and damaged hair, along with managing a healthy and nourished scalp.

This first class hair product can help you get your beautifully dark hair back naturally, and has no harmful chemicals so it can be used without any worries. Replenish your scalp and go through an entire ‘hairessance’, with the amazing Morgan’s Pomade hair products which are now available at Love Afro Cosmetics.

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Morgan's Pomade