Queen Elisabeth

If you are looking for a body cream formula which gives your skin that soft satiny feel and also ensures effective protection from the sun, then the Queen Elizabeth cocoa butter hand and body cream is just the thing!

The brand offers the moisturizing effects of cocoa butter cream with a lanolin base, and both the ingredients come together to offer the perfect solution for a radiantly smooth and soft skin. The natural skin ingredients ensure a healthy skin which is free of any chance wrinkles or lines. The cream has a non-greasy feel and keeps the skin moisturized, perfect for you if you get out a lot.

You can use the Queen Elizabeth products to prevent any crow’s feet, and moisturize any dry, chapped, irritated or sunburned skin. Feel like a queen and enjoy a soft, smooth and soothing effect, from the Queen Elizabeth product range.

Choose the cocoa butter cream solution for your needs!

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Queen Elisabeth
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