Red Fox

If you want to pamper your skin and give it that smooth, supple, and soft feel that comes with perfect moisturization, then the Red Fox range of skin care products is what you need.

With natural ingredient extracts and combinations of effective yet natural solutions, you can give your skin the moisturizing element it needs to regain its former glow and soft radiance. Relieve skin tightness and remove all signs of dryness and irritated skin with the variety of natural skin care ingredient solutions that the brand has to offer.

Protect your skin from the effects of exposure to sun and wind and ease any sunburned and irritated skin with the natural ingredients found in the moisturizers, creams and lotions offered by the brand.

To ensure a supple and smooth skin, try out the variety of skin care products that Red Fox has to offer including its Cocoa butter moisturizers and olive oil moisturizing creams. The product range can also be used to ensure a supple skin both during and after a pregnancy.

The range of Red Fox skin care products at Love Afro Cosmetics give you the soft, smooth moisturized skin you have always wanted.

Red Fox